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Weight Loss Programs

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The Medically Supervised Decision-Free® Diet Program is designed for patients who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or higher or need to lose more than 30 pounds. The weight loss diet is made completely of HMR® Shakes, Entrees and meal replacement products. Average weight loss is 50-60* pounds. Many people lose over 100 pounds. Medical supervision is provided weekly by our physicians and nurse practitioners. Weekly classes and phone calls with our dietitians and health educators provide support and coaching for new behaviors. The program is particularly appropriate for individuals with medical problems, such as diabetes or hypertension related to obesity. Long-term maintenance skills are emphasized.

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The Healthy Solutions® Diet Program is appropriate for patients who need to lose less than 30 pounds or those who desire a more moderate food plan without medical supervision. The daily diet plan includes HMR Shakes and Entrees along with vegetables and fruits. Participants weekly weigh in and attend classes, but there is no ongoing medical supervision. Average weight loss is 35-40* pounds. Many lose more.


Do you live too far away? Does your schedule limit your availability for classes?
HMR at Home® is a great option for those who live too far away or cannot come into our classes. This program can be done completely on your own with the HMR Quick Start™ Diet Kit. You’ll receive free shipping and a 10% discount on all orders shipped to you. HMR at Home® data show average weight loss of 25-30* pounds when dieters participate in weekly phone support classes. Individual phone consults available.
Please call 949-824-8770 for more information.

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*HMR data from selected programs published or presented at medical conferences.

All options meet 100% of adult nutritional requirements including vitamins and minerals.

Maintenance Programs

Whether you lose weight on our Decision-Free® diet, Healthy Solutions® or HMR at Home® diet program, participation in our Maintenance program is key to keeping the weight off. After weight loss, participants attend weekly maintenance classes where they continue to receive support while practicing additional strategies for successful long term management. Research shows that participation in a maintenance program after initial weight loss is linked with success in keeping the weight off. Classes are held at our Irvine office or via conference call.

Convenient Home Program

HMR at Home®

The HMR at Home® Program offered by UC Irvine Weight Management Program makes losing weight easy and convenient with automatic food delivery and personalized phone support.

HMR at Home members receive:

  • Great savings on Healthy Solutions Quick Start™ Diet Kits
  • Detailed, step-by-step dieting “how-to” materials with your first Kit Order
  • Free Quick Start™ CD to help you lose more weight in the first few weeks.
  • Free customer service call to answer questions as you get started
  • Automated Kit delivery every 2 weeks for uninterrupted weight loss
    • Free shipping and save 10% on all orders
    • Free to enroll-there are no initial fees or charges
    • Change or cancel your order at anytime
  • Individual phone consults available.
    Please call 949-824-8770 for more information.

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